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Founded in France in 2016 by 2 international experts in aquaculture, SEADUCER favours innovative practices in oyster-farming. In the context of fast environmental and social changes, our tools and processes aim at introducing a more reliable production model, both sustainable and highly productive. It makes output more secure, improve quality and working conditions and last but not least respects the environment.
Our 6 strong team relies on more than 70 years of numerous experiments in R&D and production, in aquaculture and oyster farming.
Since 2017, on our technical platform located in Ile de Ré, we have been developing innovative devices and processes in order to achieve a sustainable, reliable and profitable oyster producing model close to present day modern aquaculture methods.


Our first product, The Roll’Oyster, internationally patented has no equal abroad in terms of innovation in the field of oyster-farming. Fully automated, the Roll’Oyster enables farmers to reach new quality standards and enhances the oyster-farmer’s know-how.

The Roll’Oyster is the first oyster-farming automated device able to reproduce the positive effects of the tidal system on oysters from the spat to fattening stages.

Automation with cycles and limitless possibilities
of rolling and exposure.

A technology patented both
in France and abroad.

Advantages of the Roll’Oyster

A standardised top-quality oyster

A regularly controlled growth

A thick, polished, white-nacre shell

A plump, firm, crisp flesh

A bigger muscle and hermetic valves

A simple and sturdy technology

A heavy duty and stable material


A modular and flexible setting-up

A low-cost functioning

A fast return on investments

Reduces tiresome tasks

Gets you rid of gruelling handling

Avoids biofouling and common parasites on your oysters

Increases each employee productiveness

Fits most oyster growth stages

Latest news

  • Le Roll’Oyster est maintenant disponible à la commande. Le Roll’Oyster est système automatisé d’élevage d’huître qui recrée toutes les actions bénéfiques de la marée à volonté (voir ici notre vidéo de présentation). .                    Pour recevoir une......

  • Le film de présentation du Roll’oyster par Seaducer sur notre site de l’Ile de Ré (France)   Pour recevoir une offre technique ou simplement pour en savoir plus contactez-nous : SEADUCER : Domaine du Grand Garçon 17590 Ars-En-Ré. France. Tél : +33 5 17 06 00......

  • Seaducer avait un stand à Vannes pour la 35ième édition du salon de la conchyliculture afin d’y présenter la technologie Roll’Oyster. Les ostréiculteurs ont fait des retours prometteurs sur cette technologie totalement innovante dans le monde de l’ostréiculture....

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