Paddle wheel

High flow rates with very low power consumption

Technical specifications:



  • Variable flow rate to suit your needs, from 200 to 1500 m3 /h:


Constant water circulation homogenizes and stabilizes the environment. For shellfish farming, it provides even access to feed.


  • Very low energy consumption 0.5 Wh/m3 of water:


5-10 times less than a conventional pump.



  • Robust and low-maintenance:


In addition to the motor, the pump is made of aluminum, stainless steel and HDPE. Particular care has been taken to eliminate galvanic corrosion.


  • A wide range of applications:


From 200 to 1500 m3 /h, the paddlewheel adapts to heavy and/or salty environments, on loose or concreted ground.

The benefits:


  • Water circulation homogenizes and stabilizes the middle.
  • Very low energy consumption: 0.5 Wh/m3 of water.
  • Robust, requiring very little maintenance, even in saline environments.
  • Adaptable to both marshes and concrete surfaces.

     Pictures of the Paddle wheel :

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