Releasing a breakthrough technology

to produce high quality farming products


with reduced HR & operating costs

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Founded in France in 2019 by two international experts in aquaculture, Seaducer instigates to revolution in aquaculture farming practices.

For several years, in our pilot site in l’Ile de Ré, we’ve been developing innovative tools and processes to introduce a more sustainable and profitable production model for oyster and shrimp farming.


Improve work conditions & reduce production costs

Preserve & protect aquatic ecosystems

Secure & maximize yields thanks to innovation tools

Foster Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture Systems (IMTA)

Our innovation

The Roll’Oyster is the world first automated equipment dedicated to the refinement of oysters in controlled environments.

Automated rolling &
exposure/flooding cycles

Patented technology

Benefits with the Roll’Oyster

Standardized Oyster
Size & Quality

#1 Round, Thick & polished Shell
#2 White, Thick and Shinny Nacre
#3 Fleshy and Crunchy Oyster, with hazelnut aromas
#4 Hermitacally Sealed valves

Easy set up, operation & maintenance

Rugged materials, minimal mechanization, compatibility with a large array of conditions and oyster sizes, ready-to-use refinement programs, 2-year warranty


Eliminate HR-intensive manipulations related to bag handling, oyster calibration and cleaning. Average yield per operator including packaging : 30 tons of oysters per year.

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